We partner with hospitals and physician offices to
monitor patients at home.

These patients are typically always going to their MD for interventions or at risk for hospital (re)admission. For example, complex heart failure or patients that are unable to attend traditional outpatient Cardiac Rehab. Our population health model (concierge) helps improve care coordination between the patient and referring MD. We help prevent the patient from decompensating at home by coaching the patient to follow their designed treatment plan. All services are billable through insurance. Plus, we provide wellness coaching to teach the patient how to follow their treatment plan and how to better take care of themselves (exercise, nutrition counseling, medication adherence, etc). Plus, patients are able to stay in our program as long as they want (volition), the referring MD discontinues services, or end of life.




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Ed P. NextGen RPM Patient

I am a 60 year old male client of NEXTGEN RPM. I am writing this letter today as a wholehearted recommendation for NEXTGEN RPM and all that they do. Like most people with heart issues I found myself both lost and drowning in my attempts to find resources to improve and recover. My cardiologist recommended this program and explained the goals and results he had seen first hand through his patients.

Once signed up things began to change for the better. My in home evaluation and goal setting experience set me down the right path. I have worked with their dietician and gained knowledge that helped me completely change how and what I eat. I have lost 35 pounds since August of 2017. For me, their crown jewel is their fitness program. Starting at once a week and eventually moving up to twice a week a physical trainer comes to my house. He has been instrumental in getting my health back on track and getting in me in the best shape of my life. As of this writing I am currently working out 3 hours a week and walking 15-20 miles each week.

In summary I sincerely believe that NEXTGEN RPM has dramatically changed both my life and more importantly my future.

Zhen Lei Founder and CEO, Recovery Plus, Inc

The training we received from Mr. Tim Bilbrey, MBA, EP, and his team is the very critical foundation for Recovery Plus to build up China’s first cardiac rehab clinic chain. We visited more than two dozens of hospitals and clinics and ended up believing NEXTGEN RPM’s cardiac rehab program, led by Mr. Bilbrey, is the strongest and best for us to learn from. In 2016, four of our medical staff attended a well-structured 3-month training in Dallas Texas and learned a lot from Mr. Bilbrey and his team, both on medical knowledge and leadership.

In addition to the training, Mr. Bilbrey kindly offered continuous support on our way to grow. In last 18 months, we have launched three rehab clinics and are planning the fourth and fifth, each in top 10 largest cities in China.

For anyone who wants to work with Mr. Bilbrey and his team, you are in very good hands.

Dr. Suixin Liu Vice-President of Cardiovascular Diseases Committee,Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine

On behalf of Cardiovascular Diseases Committee of Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine and Hunan Health Management Association, I am very pleased to write this testimonial to appreciate Timothy Ryan Bilbrey’s excellent contribution to the 7th National Advanced Training Course of Cardiac Rehabilitation, which was held in Changsha, China, in May 11-14, 2016.

Timothy Ryan Bilbrey was absolute highlight of this conference, gaining high praise from our conference organizing committee and attendees. We invited Timothy as an expert speaker to present at this conference, although he didn’t arrive at the scene finally due to VISA issue. Mr. Bilbrey gave three video live lectures on this conference: Baylor Methodology of Cardiac Rehabilitation, Inpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation, and Return to Work of Cardiovascular Patients. Timothy gave invaluable clinical experience and innovative ideas to over 300 healthcare professionals in field of cardiac rehabilitation from China. We were deeply impressed by his extensive experience and professional spark.

In short, it was a successful cooperation. We look forward to further cooperation with Timothy Ryan Bilbrey.